The “Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco” is aware of the great importance and significance of education as grounds of prosperity and progress in Tabasco and Mexico. Therefore, our priority is that students receive a holistic education. The aim is to prepare citizens with regards to equity and pluralism: with values that model for good the human behavior, that allow them to develop their wisdom and practice rectitude, a democratic spirit, reject any way of discrimination and face changes and vicissitudes of a globalized world and in constant evolution , where all the  sustainable development in all its dimensions (human, social and environmental) has  become of main concern.

Students, graduates and professors of this University are beings of transformation, through them, the university accomplishes its function of providing enhancement to people and society within a transcend framework of values.

The “Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco” acknowledges itself as a Public Higher Education Institution which works for that purpose. It has the capacity to rescue, preserve, diffuse and increase the cultural, humanistic and scientific legacy of Tabasco Mexico and the world.